Other Treatments

Invasive treatments:

  • Catheters and all treatments regarding the bladder and urethra.
  • Urethral examination via medical grade steel sounds
  • EStim examination to treat orgasm control and hands free orgasm, according to my prescribed course of therapy.
  • Oral cavity and deep throat examinations employing medical mouth speculums to prevent the mouth from being closed allowing the passage of fluids, phallic shaped rubber implements, or anything else I will administer to treat my sick kinky patient.

Intensive Treatments:

  • Sigufix Bondage and Medical Restrains for the more recalcitrant patients.
  • Orgasm Control for the agonising sex addicts, to be achieved via various methods, depending on each medical case.

My Fetish Clinic features the Serious Kit
the ultimate tool for the task

Violet Wand treatments are available too

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