SeriousKit Therapeutics

My Medfet Establishment proudly features an extensive collection of tools to treat the submissive seeking medical fetish care.

Large array of SPT, electro-conductive and non. Their variety allows to address diverse ailments of the submissive patient.

The collection comprises SPTs for either relentless milking and/or long term edging and orgasm control.

Some designed for implacable overstimulation for forced milking, others designated to longer session of orgasm control, conceived to drain urine.

Bodily fluids recycling into the patient to avoid dehydration are possible, according to their fetish.

Testicle Electro Suction Tubes are also an effective way to keep the male subject in control.

Suction Pulsating Bipolar Nipple Cylinders.

The latest generation of SeriousKit electrostim rubber vacuum suit with its Vachood are also are also available in my medfet establishment.

The suit features the body wet suction pulsating action, with added integral conductive rubber panels, an electrostim rubber masturbation bag.

The ultimate wet therapy.

After the initial consultation with me, I will prescribe the kinky course of Serious Kit Therapy, which I would diversify each new visit to my Kinky Clinic. This is to ensure a progress, and new threshold setting in the medical fetishist.

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